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The Miracle Players' style

The Miracle Players' optimism and genuine enthusiasm are reflected in their shows. The Miracle Players have a "down-to-earth" style that allows for an original, humorous and accessible means to understand classical texts, eliminating the tedium commonly associated with such viewings. Notwithstanding the severity and didactic nature of the texts, the performances are meaningful yet light-hearted and are suitable for young and old alike. The educational opportunities arising from these productions are enhanced with the availability of the texts on-line. The Miracle Players are proud to state that every show, to date, has proven to be greatly appreciated by both the general public and theatre critics.

The Miracle Players' theatre productions are designed for both indoor and outdoor staged settings, as well as for impromptu street theatre. Props and wardrobe are constructed in a seemingly haphazardly manner to give each performance a feeling of improvisation and naturalness. Adapting each performance for the given environment ensures that the shows harmonize with their surrounding to take full advantage of the opportunities arising from that location.

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